February 13, 2017

TGR Learning Lab heads to Genesis Open

The Tiger Woods Foundation’s award-winning STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum will be on display at The Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles this week during the Genesis Open. Families and students attending the tournament from Thursday, Feb. 16, through Sunday, Feb. 19, will be able to engage in unique hands-on learning experiences on the course, while getting a glimpse at the project-based activities that set the flagship TGR Learning Lab apart.

“The Tiger Woods Foundation has been working with teachers and students from around the nation,” said Dr. Katherine Bihr, TWF’s vice president of programs and education. “We are so excited to share what we have learned about STEM careers with the Los Angeles community and look forward to broadening our reach as we grow within Southern California.”

Located near 13 green at Riviera, TGR Learning Lab Youth STEM Activation Zone will have kids ages 10-16 immersed in a wide variety of hands-on projects. Check out the full list of activities in-store:

Need for speed
Participants will use a stimpmeter, a device used to accurately measure the speed of a putting green, to record the distance the golf ball travels on two surfaces. Three trials will be conducted on each of the surfaces in both directions. The participants will calculate the average distance for each.

Digging deep
Participants will be divided into two groups to test two different soil samples and determine which soil would have the desired levels of pH, nitrogen and phosphate to grow grass at the Riviera golf course. The results are recorded on a graph, analyzed and then compared to normal ranges of pH, nitrogen and phosphate for soil.

‘Tink’ outside the box
Participants will be given the following tinkering challenges: Make a light bulb glow, use a knife switch to make a light bulb turn on and off and use the single pole double throw (SPDT) switch to control two light bulbs. Using a given set of supplies, participants will use exploratory and investigative learning to figure out how to complete each challenge.

Sink a Sphero
Participants will program simple commands and settings using a smart device to code a Sphero, then employ those skills to navigate the Sphero over a putting course and into a hole. Students can improve their putting skills while practicing coding with Sphero!

Dream. Design. Develop. 
Participants will learn and observe the 3D printing process and will gain insight on how engineering design is used to create innovative products. Participants also have an opportunity to use the online CAD app Tinkercad to modify a simple 3D model. Golf tees will be printed throughout the day as a live demonstration. 3D printed golf tees will be given out to those that complete all STEM activities.

With a range of STEM activities on display at the TGR Learning Lab Youth STEM Activation Zone, an engaging afternoon of fun and discovery awaits all!

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